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We answer a few of your most frequently asked questions regarding GrassHOPPER travel. If you have other questions please email us and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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These are the most common questions we get asked on a regular basis … If you need to ask a question that is not featured here please contact us by EMAIL or Phone 01467 536600.

Ticket related

Can I get a ticket online?
No, tickets can only be purchased on the bus.

Can someone else use my ticket?
Yes, your ticket is transferable but remember that if your ticket is lost we cannot replace or refund any remaining days.

How do I know which zone I need?
Check our find your zone page.

What proof should I show to buy or use a Student ticket?

You should show a current university/college matriculation photo ID card for North East Scotland College (NESCOL), Robert Gordon University, the University of Aberdeen, the Aberdeen campus of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) or a valid NUS Extra card.

Smartcard related

My GrassHOPPER smartcard didn’t work when I used it on the bus.
Smartcards can occasionally fail to work if there is an issue with the card reader attached to the bus ticket machine. Should this happen the driver should allow you to travel when you show him either your paper receipt if the ticket was bought on-bus. If you cannot show a valid receipt you will need to purchase another ticket for your journey.

If you experience repeated problems please ask the driver for a new smartcard.

My smartcard works sometimes but not always, what should I do?
Contact the smartcard provider to request a new card. There are usually contact details printed on the smartcard. If a smartcard has been damaged it usually will not work at all. Please take a note of any error messages and the bus service you tried to use the card on.

Driver related


What if the smart reader on the bus is not working?
Simply show your receipt to the driver who will allow you to travel.

My smartcard didn’t work and the driver didn’t accept my receipt.
Please contact the bus company who refused you travel to register your complaint.


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If you need to ask a question that is not featured here please contact us by EMAIL or Phone 01467 536600.

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