Terms and Conditions

GrassHOPPER tickets are only valid for journeys starting and ending within the GrassHOPPER zones covered by your ticket.

Tickets are valid on the bus services of participating operators but excluding the following special services: services operated by Megabus or Scottish Citylink; AFC Park and Ride, football specials, sightseeing tours, rail replacement and Gig and Go services; late night services operated by Stagecoach Bluebird or First Aberdeen; Aberdeenshire school bus services.

Day tickets expire at midnight on the day of purchase.

Weekly tickets are valid for 7 days from the day of purchase until midnight on the 8th day.

Each time you purchase a Smart GrassHOPPER you will be issued with a receipt as proof of purchase.  This is not a ticket but you are recommended to carry it with you when travelling.

Each time you board a bus using Smart GrassHOPPER you must present the smartcard that holds your ticket to the driver.

If you lose your smartcard you can ask for a replacement.  If there is a Smart GrassHOPPER Day or Weekly ticket on the smartcard it will not be replaced or refunded. 

If you have bought a Smart GrassHOPPER but you have forgotten your smartcard when travelling you must buy a ticket to travel and any such ticket purchased will be non-refundable.

Smartcards and tickets are accepted subject to the usual terms and conditions of each participating bus operator.


The following operators sell and accept GrassHOPPER tickets:

Logo Bains C
Logo Central C
Logo Deveron C
Logo First C
Logo Jmburns C
Logo Kininmonth C
Logo Middee C
Logo Mwn C
Logo Stagecoach C

For timetable information on local bus services operating within the GrassHOPPER zones go to www.travelinescotland.com or call traveline on 0871 20022 33.